Nevada regulator petitions for receivership of Prime Trust

The Nevada Financial Institutions Division has recently lodged a petition for receivership for Prime Trust citing operational instability and insolvency.

In a move seeking to stabilize its operation, the Nevada Financial Institutions Division has called for the initiation of receivership proceedings for cryptocurrency custodian Prime Trust.

The institution’s call for receivership was prompted by concerns over Prime Trust’s financial soundness and current operational state.

According to the regulator, the crypto custodian’s mode of operation was found to be precarious and unstable, and the company is identified as insolvent in compliance with the cease-and-desist order promulgated on June 21, 2023.

By seeking the appointment of a receiver, the regulatory body aims to have an overseer step into the operational reigns of Prime Trust.

The receiver would carry out a comprehensive financial analysis of the company’s current status, thus helping determine the most appropriate course of action to safeguard the interests of the Prime Trust’s clientele.

The Nevada Financial Institutions Division elucidated that the appointed receiver’s responsibilities would potentially encompass either rebuilding the company’s financial structure and eventually returning control to private hands or moving towards a total liquidation process for the company.

This receivership petition follows an announcement made last week by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division, indicating that Prime Trust was unable to process all requests for customer withdrawals.

The financial standing of the crypto custodian seems to be in a critical state, and the steps proposed aim at securing the interests of the customers, providing them with as much protection as possible under the current circumstances.

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