Blur overtakes UniSwap as a “top gas guzzler” on Ethereum

Blur, an NFT marketplace, is the top “Gas guzzler” on Ethereum, overtaking UniSwap and Seaport, a web3 protocol that ensures trades are secure and efficiently executed.

The top gas burner on Ethereum is BLUR

According to, BLUR has surpassed UniSwap and Seaport in terms of daily Ethereum trading volume, a reason why the platform’s activity is consuming a lot of resources on the smart contracting network. Typically, the more active the network, the higher the fees it generates for validators.

Top 5 “Gas guzzlers” on Ethereum: etherscan

The native crypto ETH, used on the Ethereum network, is used by users to pay for computational resources measured in gas units.

The total fees it has accrued over the past 24 hours have topped $457,006.19, or roughly 9.91% of all fees paid to the Ethereum network.

In the past seven days, the airdrop this week has caused the burning of Ethereum worth more than $4m.

Blur’s increasing sovereignty

In the last 48 hours, BLUR’s total value locked {TVL} has increased significantly, reaching $121.42m.

As a result, it gained even more popularity in the NFT ecosystem, serving as an aggregator. With a market domination of about 70%, data shows it was the biggest in the ecosystem.

About 100,000 NFT traders received BLUR tokens via airdrop the day after the corporation suggested that NFT project developers avoid OpenSea trades. The use of the marketplace is free for artists.

Earlier, Coinbase stated that it would start trading the BLUR-USD pair as soon as there is enough liquidity.

Today, the price of BLUR increased from $1.30, up 11.34% from the previous day. Its 24-hour trading volume has increased by 18.83%, and its market capitalization is $504,594,132.

There is currently $686,428,266 in it. According to CoinMarketCap’s crypto market tracker, the current circulating supply is 386,316,751 BLUR.

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