Blur co-founder Pacman reveals his identity

One of the co-founders of Blur, an emerging marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), exposed his name in a discussion on Twitter. Pacman shared a picture of himself next to the web3 avatar he employs for interviews.

The formerly anonymous founder said in a post on Twitter why he had concluded that it was time for him to doxx himself and reveal his name to the world.

Pacman’s real name is Tieshun Roquerre

Pacman said in a series of tweets that he “enjoyed the anonymity” of using a pseudonym but that after one year since Blur’s debut, the community had “expanded immensely.” He believed it was time to “reveal his identity publicly.”

In addition to other personal information, he included information on his former firm, Namebase, which he had established and later sold. 

Pacman’s Crunchbase profile and LinkedIn profile fit these specifics and prior assertions Pacman has made about his experiences, which led to the disclosure of his identity, Tieshun Roquerre.

Further evidence of his identity is also accessible on his Instagram account, as well as on GitHub and other social media platforms.

Why is Blur making the news so much?

As of recent reports, Blur has been engaged in an ongoing standoff with its competitor market place OpenSea. Due to disagreements over fee charges, Blur recently advised its customers to refrain from selling off their NFTs on OpenSea.

This development saw OpenSea lose a segment of its marketplace. As the heat continued, OpenSea was forced to revert to zero fees to try to reclaim its customer base.

However, despite slight recoveries, Blur is dominant, recording significant strides in the NFT space. Despite the efforts, recent chart data still saw Blur overtake OpenSea to make up the top of the list for the better part of this week and late last week.

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